Breaking Dawn to Span Two Films?

Zak Hussein / AP Photo

Fans of brooding vampires and reluctant actresses may be in for a treat—Deadline Hollywood reports the final Twilight installment will be made into two films, but the studio will not confirm the internet buzz. Despite the fact that the movie’s stars (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner) were initially contracted for only four films, Deadline Hollywood reported Thursday that deals have been struck and that Summit Entertainment—the company that owns the franchise — is looking for “high-end” directors. "No decision has been made," the studio told MTV. "As we have said all along, we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring 'Breaking Dawn' to the big screen." Stephenie Meyers’ novel may be difficult for Summit to make, as it includes (SPOILER ALERT) not only an actual sex scene but also a C-section that skips the scalpel in favor of Edward Cullen’s… teeth. The sex and teenage pregnancy depicted in the novel could face serious revisions to get the PG-13 rating it needs to appeal to its target audience.