One Year Later

Iran Marks Anniversary of Green Revolution Protests

A year after revolutionary protests rocked Iran, the country is reflecting on what it has—and hasn't—achieved in that time. While the government has suppressed the "Green Revolution" protest movement that followed the disputed reelection of President Mamoud Ahmadinejad, there's still a "fire under the ashes," The New York Times reports—a pervasive feeling of cynicism and discontent. Still, political experts say Ahmadinejad is stronger than a year ago, ruling with force and fear, and silencing any dissenters. Leading up to Saturday's anniversary, tension has been building in the capital city of Tehran, The Daily Beast's Omid Memarian reports. The government has warned that any protesters will be dealt with harshly, even sending an ominous text message to locals: “Dear citizen, you have been tricked by the foreign media and you are working on their behalf,” the message read, according to the Times. “If you do this again, you will be dealt with according to Islamic law."