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Statins: The Next Fast-Food Fad?

Do you want a statin with that? Such a question could become the norm at McDonald’s and other fast-food chains if a study by British doctors and health experts in next Sunday’s American Journal of Cardiology is any indication. A low-dose statin (cholesterol-lowering drug), they argue, could provide a cardiovascular upside to the fats, cholesterols, salts, and sugars found in, say, a Quarter Pounder, fries, and a Coke. Studies suggest, in fact, that statins provide a great health remedy, even when they’re not taken every day. “These companies already have an infrastrucure for providing a variety of condiments, including salt, tomato ketchup, and other sauces, none of which have any health benefits but are made available free of charge,” the study said. “A generic statin could be added to the panoply of items in the self-service tray, at little marginal cost.”