1. Nepotism

    Dan Quayle Defends Son

    Someone run Spellcheck! Former Vice President Dan Quayle has written a letter defending his son Ben Quayle, a House candidate in Arizona who is under fire over allegations that he used to write for a sexy website now called TheDirty.com. "With the recent turn of events, I cannot in good conscience remain silent," Dan Quayle wrote. Ben Quayle allegedly wrote for the site Dirty Scottsdale under the pseudonym Brock Landers, the name of a porn star character from Boogie Nights. Calling the attacks on his son “ugly,” “unprecedented,” and “slanderous,” Dan Quayle says, “Ben made a satirical fictional posting on a blog three or four years ago commenting on night life in Scottsdale.” Ben Quayle’s mother also wrote an email on his behalf. His primary election is Tuesday.

    Read it at Politico