How to Book a Sarah Palin Event

In case you’re hoping to have Sarah Palin speak at your event, there is a serious list of requirements. First, the speaking fee needs to be in the neighborhood of $75,000. But in addition to that, the former presidential candidate requires first-class airfare, “deluxe” hotel accommodations, a chauffeur to and from the event with an SUV (or, short of that, a black Town Car), along with two bottled waters on the wooden lectern with bendy straws. All of this came to light this week when Palin’s contract for an engagement at Cal State Stanislaus was made public by a judge as part of a bid to change a California state law that protects campus foundations from public scrutiny. "It was never about Sarah Palin," said State Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco. "It was about how foundations do business and the cozy relationships they have with public university administrations."