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Objection Elizabeth Smart Runs From Courtroom Colin E. Braley / AP Photo

Elizabeth Smart Runs From Courtroom

Hearing that her kidnapper suffered from mental illness was too much for Elizabeth Smart during testimony in the trial of Brian David Mitchell, the self-described "prophet" who kidnapped Smart. As a doctor described Mitchell's delusions of fathering a new race of children with Smart to populate an imaginary "Zion," Smart became visibly angry and stormed from the courtroom to a private area outside. She returned with her mother about 30 minutes later. The 23-year-old Smart was likely angry to hear an expert bolstering Mitchell's case for acquittal; the federal prosecution team, along with several of the doctors who have examined Mitchell, believe he is a deceptive psychopath able to fake mental illness convincingly. If convicted, the 57-year-old could face life in prison.

December 2, 2010 1:32 AM