McChrystal: Yale's Most Popular Professor?

The Yale Daily News offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Gen. Stanley McChrystal's classroom, once the nation’s top military commander in Afghanistan—and now a Yale professor. McChrystal took the teaching position weeks after his hasty resignation in June, following an off-the-cuff interview with Rolling Stone magazine. In addition to writing a memoir, McChrystal is teaching a graduate-level seminar called Leadership. Students have given McChrystal high marks as a professor, reporting that he told them to call him “Stan” and that he declined to hand off grading duties to a teaching assistant. “I have this slip of paper with comments on it from Stanley McChrystal… with a grade,” said student Julia Knight. Other students said McChrystal gave them valuable lessons in behind-the-scenes diplomacy, or "how the sausage is made."