Sheen to Show Up For Work

Charlie Sheen just doesn’t know when to quit. Despite CBS shutting down production on this season of his hit TV comedy Two and a Half Men for his “statements, conduct and condition” following a series of rants against the show’s creator, Sheen told ABC’s Good Morning America via text message that he’ll be showing up for work anyway. In the texts, Sheen continued his verbal tirade against Men creator Chuck Lorre—whom he previously called a “little maggot” and threatened to beat him with his “fire breathing fists” in an open letter—calling him a “clown” and a “loser.” Sheen also claimed he was 100 percent clean, despite his erratic behavior. And Radar Online is reporting that Sheen is in talks with HBO about starring in his own show called Sheen’s Corner, where he will be paid a reported $5 million per episode. (HBO told The Daily Beast that this will not be happening.)