Hundreds Protest in Saudi Arabia

As Japan reels from forces of nature, the uprisings in the Mideast are still going strong. Few turned out for Friday's scheduled “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia, where protests are illegal, but hundreds came out Sunday to call for the release of prisoners being held without charge in Riyadh. The protesters, many of them family members of those detained, gathered outside the Ministry of Interior and demanded the release of suspected activists in a peaceful rally. Protests in Bahrain and Yemen were less peaceful. In Manama, Bahrain, police attempted to drive protesters off the main highway using tear gas and rubber bullets, while in Yemen, police on rooftops fired live ammunition and tear gas into a crows of demonstrators, injuring more than 100. They also attacked protesters on the ground with clubs and knives. This latest round of violence comes a day after security forces killed seven demonstrators.