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    Man Pees in Portland Reservoir

    **ARCHIV**Eine junge Frau trinkt am 5. August 2008, in Duesseldorf Wasser aus einem Glas. Das Statistische Bundesamt gibt am Donnerstag 18. Dezember 2008  in Wiesbaden Zahlen zu den  Trinkwasserpreisen 2007  in Deutschland bekannt.   (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) **FILE --- Aug. 5 2008 file picture shows a woman drinking water from a glass in Duesseldorf, western Germany.  (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

    Frank Augstein

    The city of Portland, Oregon, decided to empty a 7.8 million-gallon reservoir after a security camera caught a 21-year-old man peeing in it. Gross as it is, health concerns may not justify the $36,000 cost of draining it. A toxicology professor said that worse things happen in open-air reservoirs all the time, like animals defecating in them or dying and falling in. But the Portland Water Bureau’s administrator asked, “Do you want to drink pee?” The urinator said he thought the pool was a sewage-treatment plant.

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