1. More Cuts

    Wisc. to Defund Planned Parenthood

    Daniel Suarez of Madison leads protest chants near the State Street steps to the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., June 14, 2011.

    Michael P. King / Wisconsin State Journal / AP Photo

    Looks like Wisconsin misses the national spotlight. GOP Gov. Scott Walker is set to sign a bill that will defund nine of the state’s Planned Parenthood health centers. If the bill goes through, Wisconsin will become the fourth state to defund the women’s health-care provider, following in the footsteps of Kansas, North Carolina, and Indiana. The bill eliminates $1 million in funding for nine of the state’s 25 Planned Parenthood clinics, and it could also block the health centers’ ability to provide cancer screenings. The new state budget also cuts men out of BadgerCare, the state’s Medicare-funded family-planning program.

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