GOP Suggests Cuts on Military Budget

Hossein Fatemi / Panos

The GOP has brought a surprising solution to the debt talks table: cuts on military spending. The party has suggested the motion in an effort to compromise with Democratic demands, an approach that would raise revenue without raising taxes. As the Senate prepares to meet to discuss the surging national debt, Republican leaders have found an unexpected willingness to support defense cuts. “Defense spending is a pillar of Republican strength. It’s a pillar of national strength,” says Freshman Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) “Look, I know there are sacred cows. But we cannot afford them anymore.” As the August 2nd deadline approaches, taxes have proven to be the budget talks’ biggest point of contention, with Democrats demanding to raise them on the wealthy and Republican resisting. But it looks like the GOP may finally be considering the pork-laden military budget as a frontier for spending cuts.