1. Hungry

    Hot Dog-Eating Champ Eats in Exile

    Former champion Takeru Kobayashi, of Nagano, Japan, poses for photos in New York,  Thursday, July 2, 2009 at tbe Nathan's Famous July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest.

    Richard Drew / AP Photo

    Six-time hot dog-eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was barred from competing in Nathan's Famous annual July 4th hot dog-eating competition due to a contract dispute, and banned in 2010 from the event itself after trying to storm the stage, wearing a “free Kobi” T-shirt. This year he's trying to compete from afar, eating hot dogs in a Manhattan bar alongside a live satellite feed of the Coney Island contest. Even if he wins, the president of Major League Eating, which administers the competition, says he won't recognize the victory. "It's a farce, and I'm all for it," George Shea says. "But it's still a farce." Shea says the league has been trying to negotiate with Kobayashi for more than a year, but he refuses to talk. Kobayashi seems to harbor no ill will: "I don't have any vengeance against anyone," he says. "It's not like that. I went for what I wanted to and felt it was fair. Every time I go for a record now, I'm just working for myself."

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