1. Spill

    Exxon Pipe Breaks in Yellowstone River

    Oil swirls in a flooded gravel pit in Lockwood, Mont. after a pipeline break early Saturday, July 2, 2011. The ExxonMobil pipeline that runs under the Yellowstone River near Billings in south-central Montana ruptured and dumped an unknown amount of oil into the waterway, prompting temporary evacuations along the river.

    Larry Mayer, The Billings Gazette / AP Photo

    Another summer, another broken oil pipe. Up to 1,000 barrels of crude oil flowed into Montana's Yellowstone River when an ExxonMobil pipe beneath the riverbed broke Saturday. Cleanup crews deployed booms and absorbent material as the plume traveled downstream, but some of the oil flowed underneath the blockages. Nearby residents were told to evacuate temporarily out of fear of an explosion and the powerful fumes. ExxonMobil says the pipe has now been shut down and that they're sending a team to clean up the mess.

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