Facebook Unveils Skype Chat

    Website pages from Facebook Inc., right, and Skype Technologies SA are displayed on a computer monitor in London, U.K., on Friday, Oct. 15, 2010. Facebook, the social-networking site, and Skype, which provides Internet telephone services, are in talks over a deal to allow Facebook  users easy access to Skype's text, voice and video links.

    Chris Ratcliffe, Bloomberg / Getty Images

    On the off chance that Facebook wasn’t dominating your social interactions enough already, good news: you can now videochat and hold group chats using a Skype-driven service that will be part of Facebook. Users will be able to call friends directly from Facebook and chat with them; they can also use a newly expanded version of the existing Facebook chat service that allows multiperson conversations. In a blog post announcing the changes, which had long been rumored as in the works, Facebook said the new services would be rolled out in coming weeks but gave users an opportunity to get them now.

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