Congo Rape Victims Under Attack

Pete Muller / AP Photo

Lt. Col. Kebibi Mutware exits a mobile military tribunal after being convicted of crimes against humanity in the town of Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday, Feb. 21, 2011. Ten of eleven accused solders were found guilty of crimes against humanity including Mutware who was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Kebibi is the highest ranking Congolese army officer to have been convicted of crimes against humanity. Kebibi was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Soldiers under his command carried out a mass rape and looting campaign in the town of Fizi in January.

The United Nations said Wednesday that Congo's rape victims are suffering reprisal attacks. The U.N. said fighters in eastern Congo targeted everyone: They gang-raped women, men, and children and forced family members to watch. Since news of the rapes became public in July and August of last year, causing an international outcry, only one person has been indicted on criminal charges related to the attacks, and a judicial inquiry into the rapes of those 387 people was suspended after officials learned about the reprisals. The U.N. mission in Congo came under scrutiny after investigators learned that the attacks occurred within 12 miles of a peacekeeping base.