North Korean Soccer Players Fail Steroid Test

    FILE - In this July 6, 2011 file picture North Korea's players leave the pitch for a doping test after the group C match against Colombia at the Women’s Soccer World Cup in Bochum, Germany.  A FIFA source said Saturday July 16, 2011  that a total of five North Korean players have tested positive for steroids at the women's World Cup.  After two players were caught during the tournament, FIFA tested the rest of the North Korean squad and found that three more tested positive, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the announcement had yet to be made official.  The events represent football biggest doping scandal in 17 years at a major tournament. The last doping case at the men's World Cup was Diego Maradona, who was kicked out of the 1994 tournament in the United States after testing positive for stimulants.  FIFA has already met with a North Korean delegation, the source said, and heard arguments that the steroids were accidentally taken with traditional Chinese medicines based on musk glands to treat players who had been struck by lightning on June 8 during a training camp. The case will now be taken up by FIFA's disciplinary committee.  (AP Photo/Martin Meissner.File)

    Martin Meissner / AP Photo

    Maybe Roger Clemens can try this excuse. Five North Korean soccer players tested positive for steroids at the women's World Cup, the most to do so in 17 years. The North Korean delegation told FIFA officials that the positive test was the result of traditional Chinese medicine based on musk deer glands they used to treat their players after they were struck by lightning June 8. Earlier, the North Koreans blamed the lightning strike, which sent “more than five players to the hospital” for their team's defeat to the United States. “It was very complex,” said FIFA's chief medical officer.

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