1. 2012

    Rove: Palin Will Run

    Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin looks back at a crowd as she walks to the door of Tump Tower for a scheduled meeting with Donald Trump in New York Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

    Craig Ruttle / AP Photo

    Maybe Sarah Palin's Iowa video is an ad after all. Karl Rove says he believes the former Alaska governor will enter the Republican presidential race sometime around Labor Day. On Fox News this morning, the former George W. Bush adviser said Palin "has a schedule next week that looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity." Palin will be the keynote speaker at the Tea Party of America's “Restoring America” rally in Iowa on Sept. 3. Rove said the engagement is "her last chance.” "She either gets in or gets out [after the Iowa visit],” he said. “I think she gets in."

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