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    Brit Tourists Killed, Kidnapped in Kenya

    Somali gunmen working as escorts for journalists walk down a war scarred street in Bakara, the most important market until recently in Mogadishu on August 17, 2011. Bakara was, until a surprise pullout earlier this month, a key stronghold of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab rebels, netting the insurgents up to $60 million a year, according to a recent UN report.  Almost all businesses remain closed in the market now as business owner remain reticent of the apparent abandon of the  market by Al-Shebab. The owner of some locales decided to move their merchandise elsewhere.  Somalia and its war scarred capital Mogadishu has seen two decades of armed conflict between different armed groups and armies vying for control of power in this Horn of Africa country.    AFP PHOTO/ROBERTO SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

    ROBERTO SCHMIDT / Getty Images

    A British tourist, David Tebbutt, appears to have been shot dead at a luxury resort in Kenya after it came under attack by Somali militants. Tebbutt, 58, was staying with his wife, Judith, at the $1,300-a-night Kiwayu Safari Village, one of the most expensive resorts in Kenya. Judith is believed to have been kidnapped and, according to The New York Times, is headed with her captors toward Ras Kamboni, Somalia—a hideout for Islamic militants. Western officials are investigating whether the raid was the work of pirates or an Islamic militant group such as Al-Shabab.

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