Palin Camp Discredits Book

Darren McCollester / Getty Images

MANCHESTER, NH - SEPTEMBER 05: People gather at the Tea Party Express rally on September 5, 2011 at Veteran's Memorial Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. The rally is part of the 'Reclaiming America' bus tour traveling through 19 states and visiting 29 cities before arriving in Tampa, Florida for a presidential debate co-sponsored by CNN on September 12.

Mama Grizzly’s team has come to her defense over the scandalmongering claims in Joe McGinniss’s new biography, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. While Palin herself has been mum on the book's allegations of infidelity and drug use, her husband, Todd, released a statement blasting the author for his “creepy obsession with my wife.” Todd also said the book was “full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears,” citing quotes from a New York Times review that said The Rogue “chases caustic, unsubstantiated gossip.” Meanwhile, McGinniss defended his book on NBC, saying he was “as fair as I could have possibly been” considering he was forbidden to speak with those closest to the former Alaska governor.