Pa. to Take Over Capital's Finances

    Pennsylvania State lawmakers return to the floor of the House and are debating prior to making a final vote to approve the 2011-12 state budget Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Harrisburg, Pa. The budget bill passed the Republican-controlled state Senate late Tuesday on a party-line vote. It is expected to win approval in the House and sent to Gov. Tom Corbett before the June 30 midnight deadline. (AP Photo/Bradley C. Bower)

    Bradley C. Bower / AP Photos

    Harrisburg is broke. The Pennsylvania capital filed for bankruptcy last week, and today the state Senate voted to take over the city's finances. Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the motion into law, but he's not happy about it. Corbett was against bankruptcy from the start, as was State Sen. Jeff Piccola, who said, "The bankruptcy filing recently approved by City Council is illegal and demonstrates the majority's inability and absolute flagrant disregard in governing the city in a responsible manner."

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