130 Arrested at Occupy Chicago

    Protesters gather at night in Grant Park during an Occupy Chicago march and protest, Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011,  in Chicago. Protesters led a slow march from Chicago's financial district Saturday, taking more than 45 minutes to reach the park. Along the way, police on horses blocked marchers from walking on the street on Michigan Avenue, leaving them with just the sidewalks to occupy. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

    Paul Beaty / AP Photo

    At least it's warmer indoors. About 130 members of the Occupy Wall Street movement’s Chicago branch were arrested when they stood their ground early Sunday. The demonstrators tried to stay at Congress Plaza in the city's Grant Park, which closes at 11 p.m. Police moved in and placed barricades around the area shortly after that time, and began taking people into custody at 1 a.m. The protests were peaceful—if noisy—and the police said none of the activists resisted arrest. Occupy Chicago spokesman Joshua Kaunert vowed the movement will continue.

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