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    MF Global Under Investigation

    FILE - In this Jan. 9, 2011 file photo, former New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine reflects on his four year term in office during an interview with The Associated Press at his home in Hoboken, N.J. MF Global Holdings Ltd. has been suspended from conducting new business with the New York Fed amid reports that the company plans to file for bankruptcy. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz, File)

    Rich Schultz / AP Photo

    Federal regulators are investigating MF Global after discovering that hundreds of millions of dollars in customers' money has gone missing in recent days. Initially, close to $1 billion was said to be missing, but the figure was revised to less than $700 million by late Monday. The company filed for bankruptcy-court protection on Monday, and investigators are checking whether MF Global attempted to use customers' money to support its own trades. News of the missing money derailed the company’s last-ditch effort to sell a major part of itself to a competing brokerage firm. MF Global has not yet been accused of any wrongdoing.

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