News of the World Spied on Lawyers

Martin Cleaver / AP Photo

Copies of Britain's News of the World Sunday newspaper with some of Mazher Mahmood's, "The Fake Sheik" stories from 2006 in London Thursday Aug. 3, 2006. Disguised as a wealthy Arab sheik, Mazher Mahmood would lure celebrities into whispering confessions on luxury yachts over champagne _ then spill their secrets to the world. But after a decade of front page scoops, Britain's most famous investigative reporter is himself in the media glare.

News of the World was at it until the end, apparently: according to The Guardian, the tabloid hired a private investigator to dig up personal information on two lawyers representing phone-hacking victims. The investigator apparently videotaped both Mark Lewis and Charlotte Harris as well as their families in the hopes of discovering dirt that could be used for blackmail. The Guardian says both lawyers are considering suing the newspaper now for breach of privacy. Meanwhile, James Murdoch, who headed News of the World’s parent, News International, when the spying occurred, will be back in Parliament on Thursday for questioning.