Officials Charged for Lying to Jury

Bradley C. Bower / AP Photo

A judge has ordered Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz to stand trial for perjury at the conclusion of former assistant coach Mike McQueary’s first public testimony. McQueary said he witnessed sexual abuse between Jerry Sandusky and a minor in the university locker room and that he told head coach Joe Paterno. McQueary told the jury on Friday that he saw Sandusky behind the boy, who was 10 to 12 years old, with his hands around his waist. McQueary said he couldn’t see Sandusky’s genitals, but that “it was very clear that it looked like there was intercourse going on." He added that he had never described what he saw as anal intercourse, and did not tell Paterno explicit details. At the end of his testimony, the judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence for Curley and Schultz to stand trial for lying under oath. They testified to a grand jury that McQueary never relayed the seriousness of what he saw on campus, and are accused of failing to properly report what the assistant coach told them about the assault.