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    Occupy Davos Builds Igloos

    An Occupy WEF protestor builds an igloo to protest against against the World Economic Forum (WEF) on January 23, 2012 in the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos. Some 1,600 economic and political leaders, including 40 heads of states and governments, will be asked to urgently find ways to reform a capitalist system that has been described as "outdated and crumbling" as they converge in Davos for the 42nd edition of the five-day World Economic Forum (WEF), which opens on January 25.   AFP PHOTO / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

    Vincenzo Pinto, AFP / Getty Images

    You can’t have tents in Zuccotti Park anymore, but what about igloos? Occupy protesters in Davos, Switzerland, are building an igloo village in preparation for the World Economic Forum on Wednesday. Each igloo houses two people, and protesters expect to house about 50 people in all. They’re also setting up Mongolian-style tents and a field kitchen. Meanwhile, Bloomberg points out that as Occupy Davos worked on their igloos, the 1 percent gathered next door for the annual snow polo competition.

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