Romney Sweeps Nevada Caucuses

    ELKO, NV - FEBRUARY 03:  Former Massachusetts Gov. and Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign rally at the Elko Regional Airport on February 3, 2012 in Elko, Nevada. With one day to go before the Nevada Caucus, Mitt Romney continues to campaign through the state.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    Fulfilling the predictions and cementing his runaway frontrunner status, Mitt Romney won the Nevada GOP caucuses Saturday night. With over 71 percent of the vote counted, Romney had won 48 percent, while Newt Gingrich trailed with a distant 23 percent, Ron Paul had 19 percent, and Rick Santorum had 11 percent. “This is not the first time you’ve given me your vote of confidence, and this time I’m going to take it to the White House,” Romney told Nevada supporters. Gingrich, meanwhile, fired back, insisting he would stay in the race until the GOP convention in Tampa. “I do not believe the Republican party wants to nominate a George Soros-approved candidate,” he said of Romney.

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