Iran Stops U.N. Nuke Inspections

Getty Images

This handout image supplied by the IIPA (Iran International Photo Agency) shows a view of the reactor building at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant as the first fuel is loaded, on August 21, 2010 in Bushehr, southern Iran. The Russiian built and operated nuclear power station has taken 35 years to build due to a series of sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The move has satisfied International concerns that Iran were intending to produce a nuclear weapon, but the facility's uranium fuel will fall well below the enrichment level needed for weapons-grade uranium. The plant is likely to begin electrictity production in a month.

Just a few days after Iran sent overtures to Western powers initiating talks on its controversial nuclear program, the country's leaders stopped the International Atomic Energy Agency from inspecting its site in Parchin, just south of Tehran. The IAEA team tried to gain access to the facility for two days, but was rebuffed. Inspectors want to explore the site, where Iran supposedly conducted explosive testing for nuclear weapons in recent years, to see if there are any military connections. In a terse press release, the IAEA said the mission has failed and that they've left the country.