Quran Burning Protest Continues

    Afghan demonstrators shouts anti-US slogans during a protest against Koran desecration in Kabul on February 22, 2012. At least 11 people were wounded when shots were fired into a crowd of demonstrators trying to march on the city centre to protest the burning of copies of the Koran by NATO troops. The US embassy in Kabul declared it was on lockdown and Afghan police said they were dispatching reinforcements to stop an angry mob, torching cars and attacking shops, from marching into the centre of the capital. AFP PHOTO/SHAH Marai (Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Shah Marai, AFP / Getty Images

    The protests over Qurans burned at Bagram air base in Afghanistan show no signs of abating. At least four people have been killed and 20 injured in the second day of demonstrations. U.S. officials apologized for “inadvertently” putting the religious texts in an incinerator after they discovered Taliban prisoners were using them to pass messages to each other. NATO is investigating the incident. Last year, at least 24 people died in protests after an American pastor burned a Quran in Florida.

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