Colvin Had Planned to Leave Syria

    This is an undated image made available Wednesday Feb. 22, 2012  by the Sunday Times in London of  journalist Marie Colvin.  A French government spokeswoman on Wednesday identified two Western reporters killed in Syria as  American war reporter Marie Colvin and  French photojournalist Remi Ochlik . Colvin, from Oyster Bay, New York, had been a foreign correspondent for Britain's Sunday Times for two decades, reporting from the world's most dangerous places. She lost the sight in one eye in Sri Lanka in 2001 but did not let that deter her.(AP Photo/Sunday Times)

    Sunday Times / AP Photos

    The mother of one of the journalists slain in Syria said her daughter had been planning to leave the country but stayed an extra day to finish reporting a story “she felt was very important.” Rosemarie Colvin told Newsday that her daughter, Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin, was “totally dedicated to getting the story straight and getting it out.” Colvin and French photographer Rémi Ochlik were killed by shelling in Homs on Wednesday while two other journalists were wounded when rockets hit the house they were staying in. Very few foreign journalists have been allowed in Syria, and the Syrian government on Wednesday ordered all journalists who have “entered Syria illegally” to report to the nearest immigration center. Colvin and Ochlik had reportedly been smuggled into Syria.

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