Christie Gets Testy on Gay Marriage

Chris Christie on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Feb. 23, 2012

Chris Christie is no stranger to arguing, as he proved Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The New Jersey governor, who recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed gay marriage in his state, argued that his position on the issue is no different from President Obama’s. Christie said that when people criticize his stance on gay marriage, he feels that his “feet are firmly planted right next to President Obama.” Things got heated when Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capeheart, who is openly gay, confronted Christie, saying that Christie’s idea for a referendum is different from Obama’s—to which Christie responded that the president is “silent on this issue like he’s silent on every issue that’s difficult for him.” Christie insisted he was “not going to get cross-examined” by Capeheart, and when Capeheart said “I’m having fun trying,” Christie responded, “You’re going to lose.”