Disney to Lose $100M on ‘Carter’

    In this undated photo Canadian actor and model Taylor Kitsch  plays John Carter in a scene from epic science fiction film 'John Carter'. The "Friday Night Lights" are far beyond him now. These days, if Taylor Kitsch sees something bright on the horizon, chances are it is extra-terrestrial. (AP Photo/ Frank Connor, Disney Enterprises)

    Frank Connor / Disney Enterprises via AP Photo

    Walt Disney Studios' sci-fi adventure flick John Carter, about an Earthling who finds himself transported from the Civil War–era American West to Mars, is expected to be a big-budget bust, Wall Street analysts say, even though the film has only been in theaters since Friday. The film, which cost an astronomical $250 million to make, may rake in a meager $26 million to $28 million on its opening weekend, according to some estimates. With such a big project going bust, some analysts questioned the hierarchy at Disney that let the film go forward, with one remarking in a report that “it might be best if Walt Disney Co. avoided movies about Mars altogether.”

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