Gingrich Slams Obama on Trayvon

    BIRMINGHAM, AL - MARCH 13:  Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich speaks to an election night party March 13, 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama and Mississippi both held their presidential primaries today.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    Win McNamee / Getty Images

    President Obama's remarks Friday about the tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin have prompted a diatribe from Newt Gingrich, who called them "disgraceful" and "appalling" on Sean Hannity's radio show. Obama offered his condolences to Martin's family and said, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin." He also said all parents in America should understand why its imperative to investigate Martin's death. But Gingrich said Obama turned it into a "racial issue" that is "dividing this country up." Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum also weighed in on Martin's death yesterday, but neither of the two GOP presidential candidates attacked Obama.

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