Texas Radioactive Dump Opens

    **ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS OF MAY 22-23** In this Oct. 27, 2009, photo are some of the 3,776 canisters of uranium byproduct waste being buried at Waste Control Specialists near Andrews, Texas. Most residents of  Andrews don't mind that the state could become the nation's only one-stop nuclear waste burial ground. They see jobs, more money flowing into the county's coffers and a need fulfilled. (AP Photo/Betsy Blaney)

    Betsy Blaney / AP Photo

    Texas gave the go-ahead Friday for a radioactive-waste dump near the New Mexico border, making it the fourth such site for low-level waste in the U.S. The dump will mostly be used for Texas medical waste, as well as some waste transported to the site from 38 different states. Environmentalists have raised concerns about the plans for the site managed by Dallas-based Waste Control Specialists, saying that the syringes, laboratory animals, and other contaminated materials disposed of there may have a hazardous effect on groundwater.

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