U.S. Protecting Chinese Activist?

    In this image made from video, blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng is seen on a video posted to YouTube Friday, April 27, 2012 by overseas Chinese news site Boxun.com.  "I am now free. But my worries have not ended yet," Chen said in the video that was recorded this week and that activists sent Friday to Boxun.com. Speaking to a camera in a room with an off-white curtain drawn behind him, Chen said, "My escape might ignite a violent revenge against my family." (xd)

    Boxun.com / AP Photo

    Under cover of darkness, a blind Chinese lawyer and dissident is believed to have escaped house arrest Friday and begun a journey that ended in Beijing, where he is thought to be in hiding at the U.S. Embassy. In 2005, Chen Guangcheng took up a campaign against officials who forced couples into having late-term abortions and sterilizations. Since then, the Chinese government has confined Chen to his home in a secluded village. Chen was convicted of criminal charges in 2006 in a trial that Chinese legal experts widely felt made a sham of the Communist country's judicial system.

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