1. Up and Up

    Facebook IPO Balloons to $104B

    26 Apr 2010, Straubing, Germany --- The shadows of youth using Facebook in Straubing, Germany, 26 April 2010. Facebook unveiled a new messaging system on 15 November 2010 that will allow users to see all their various message feeds in one location and which ups the rivalry between the social networking site and Google. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the service as 'modern messaging' and said it would combine email, instant messages, Facebook messages and SMS, as well as giving Facebook's 500 million members their own "@Facebook.com" email addresses. The initial deployment started Monday for US members and will gradually rollout to all Facebook members over the course of a few months. Photo:†Armin Weigel --- Image by © Armin Weigel/dpa/Corbis

    Armin Weigel, DPA / Corbis

    And then there were 12 digits. Set to go public on Friday, Facebook aimed for shares of its stock to be priced at $34 to $38 each, sending its IPO to an estimated $104 billion up from $86 billion just two weeks ago. The $104 billion target would make the IPO the highest valued of any American company ever, a source told The Wall Street Journal Monday. The prior range of shares of stock was $28 to $35, the bump-up signifying that investor confidence is on the rise as the IPO date approaches.

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