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    KY: ‘Uncommitted’ Challenges Obama

    WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 06:  U.S. President Barack Obama pauses during a news conference at East Room of the White House October 6, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama spoke about the $447 billion jobs bill he has sent to Congress.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    It was a tough day in Kentucky for President Obama, as “Uncommitted” on the Democratic primary ballot registered 42 percent of the vote. While Obama won the primary with nearly 58 percent of the vote, the seemingly close race is another PR hurdle for his team to overcome as nearly 87,000 Kentucky voters appeared to voice their frustration with the incumbent. Meanwhile, the Republican primary was less contested, with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney beating Ron Paul by 55 points. The win, along with a victory in Arkansas, pushes Romney to 1,024 of the 1,144 needed delegates to officially capture the Republican nomination.

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