Another Sign of the Apocalypse

Walter Michot / AP Photo

Hollywood Fire Rescue suit up and enter McArthur High School in response to a call of students and teachers experiencing a rash, in Hollywood, Fla., Wednesday, May 16, 2012. Twelve students and two teachers at a South Florida high school have been transported to area hospitals after coming down with a rash while in class. A spokeswoman for Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood said the patients are in stable condition and that the rash is not believed to be infectious.

So now is the apocalypse really coming?! It seems the folks over at The Atlantic Wire didn't like a recent Daily Beast slideshow or map of the signs that the Zombie Apocalypse is coming. The Wire said TDB had taken the “Miami Zombie” story “too far,” calling the list  “disgusting.” Yet the site owned up to its own “macabre capitalizing,” requesting no “exemption” from said scolding. But when the Zombie Apocalypse finally does happen, don't say you weren’t warned.