Obama: ‘Make or Break Moment’

    US President Barack Obama jogs to greets supporters upon arriving at the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 14, 2012. AFP PHOTO/Jewel Samad        (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages)

    Jewel Samad, AFP / Getty Images

    In a campaign speech in Ohio on Thursday, President Obama said that the economic problems the country faces have been “more than a decade in the making”—while also blaming partisanship in Washington for the lack of a solution. Saying that the “basic bargain in this country started to erode” for a long time before he took office—blaming tax cuts and the pricey foreign wars—Obama told the crowd that if they wanted "big tax cuts, huge spending cuts, and the agenda of the Bush years, then you should vote for Romney." Obama made an appeal to the middle class, telling them that he wanted a "stronger, growing middle-class." Just 250 miles away, Republican challenger Romney will speak about his plan for the economy.

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