Hunter, Edwards Part Ways

    This photo combo shows Rielle Hunter, left, in an Aug. 6, 2009, file photo, and former U.S. senator and presidential candidate John Edwards in a May 10, 2012 file photo. Hunter billed herself a truth seeker. Then she met John Edwards in the bar of a New York City hotel in February 2006. Their relationship opened the door to a landslide of lies, most notably that the relationship existed at all, and that the child it produced was his. Edwards' truthfulness now lies at the heart of his campaign finance trial, with the former Senator insisting he had no idea that money from a pair of wealthy benefactors was being spent to hide Hunter and keep her away from tabloids. (AP Photo/Jim R. Bounds, Gerry Broome)

    Jim R. Bounds / AP Photo ; Gerry Broome / AP Photo

    One of America's most visible secret love affairs has ended. “We are a family, but as of the end of last week John Edwards and I are no longer a couple,” Hunter said Tuesday on Good Morning America. “Not at all.” Hunter recently published a steamy tell-all memoir about her affair with the former presidential candidate, titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me. In the book Hunter revealed that Edwards had several other mistresses before beginning their relationship. “For me, for my part in it, it’s because I’m no longer interested in hiding, hiding our relationship, not living out,” Hunter said of the decision to split. A jury deadlocked in May on charges against Edwards that he used campaign funds to hide his relationship with Hunter during his 2007–08 presidential campaign.

    Former senator’s mistress says.
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