Roberts Deflects Obamacare Queries

TIM SLOAN / AFP / Getty Images

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts participates in the courts official photo session on October 8, 2010 at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

On the heels of his landmark vote to uphold President Obama’s health-care law, conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is remaining mum on the decision. The mood was relatively light at a conference Friday at a resort in southwestern Pennsylvania where Roberts answered questions from a handful of roughly 300 other judges during a short meeting. When one D.C. circuit court judge asked if he was “going to Disney World” now that the court is adjourned for the summer, Roberts said that he was in fact heading to Malta, joking that teaching classes for two weeks at “an impregnable island fortress” seemed like the perfect way to spend his break. Roberts declined to answer the one question directly referencing yesterday’s decision, only allowing that the justices “did our job according to the Constitution.”