Chimp Mauls Texas Man

    In this photo taken Feb. 1, 2011, chimpanzees sit in an enclosure at the Chimp Eden rehabilitation center, near Nelspruit, South Africa. A paramedic official says chimpanzees at a sanctuary for the animals in eastern South Africa bit and dragged a man at the reserve, badly injuring him. In a statement, Jeffrey Wicks of the Netcare911 medical emergency services company said the man he described as a ranger was leading a tour group at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden Thursday June 28, 2012 when two chimpanzees grabbed his feet and pulled him under a fence into their enclosure. The international institute founded by primatologist Jane Goodall opened the sanctuary in 2005. It is a home to chimpanzees rescued from further north in Africa, where they are hunted for their meat of held captive as pets. (AP Photo/Erin Conway-Smith)

    Erin Conway-Smith / AP Photo

    A Texas graduate student was left with serious injuries to his entire body after being mauled by two chimpanzees at a South Africa chimp sanctuary. Andrew Oberle, who had been studying at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden near Johannesburg, was apparently standing in a restricted zone when he was pulled under an electric fence and attacked by the two primates. After six hours of surgery, the 26-year-old is stable but suffered a broken arm and torn ligaments and muscles, and lost fingers, toes, and one testicle. The hospital manager overseeing Oberle’s recovery said, “He’s responding better than expected,” and friends back home are raising money for his treatment in the hope that he can return to the work he loves. “He’s not going to quit,” said one friend. “He never gives up.”

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