Annan, Assad Have ‘Constructive’ Talk

    Members of the Free Syria Army stand guard at an outpost on the outskirt of Mareh, near Aleppo in northern Syria, on June 27, 2012. International envoy Kofi Annan has proposed setting up a Syrian transitional government that could include followers of President Bashar al-Assad and opposition members in a bid to end the country's war, diplomats said. AFP PHOTO/VEDAT XHYMSHITI        (Photo credit should read Vedat Xhymshiti/AFP/GettyImages)

    Vedat Xhymshiti, AFP / Getty Images

    The United Nations’ envoy to Syria and the Arab League, Kofi Annan, held “constructive” talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus Monday. Assad reportedly claimed that any effort to end the 16 months of violence that has torn through his country has been hindered by the U.S.’s support of “terrorists” and support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey—both via weaponry and other logistical aid—to the rebels attempting to take down his regime. The two have agreed on an “approach” to end the violence. “We know that [Annan] is coming up against countless obstacles, but his plan should not be allowed to fail. It is a very good plan,” Assad told a German television station.

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