Eva Rausing Found Dead

Alan Davidson / WireImage

Eva Rausing, one of the richest women in Britain and wife of the heir to Tetra Pak fortune, was found dead in their home in London—and a man who may be her husband has been arrested in connection to the case and on suspicion of drug possession. Rausing, the American daughter of businessman Tom Kemeny, is married to Hans Kristian Rausing, the son of Swedish packaging billionaire Hans Rausing. The couple, parents to four chldren, has long had problems with drug addiction—they even reportedly met at a rehab clinic—including when Rausing was found carrying crack cocaine and heroin into London’s U.S. embassy. Police refused to comment on the case and won't confirm the identity of the man arrested, saying only that he is 49 years old, which is the same age as Hans Kristian Rausing. Police said the man arrested was receiving medical attention.