Michelle Rejects Obama’s Kiss



Guess Michelle’s not a fan of on-cue PDA. The First Lady rejected a kiss from President Obama at the Olympic basketball team tune-up game against Brazil Monday night. The couple was shown getting cozy on the Jumbotron during the first half of the game, but when the “kiss cam” video display prompted some smooching, Michelle failed to comply. The audience booed as the president appeared to lean in for a kiss, only to get Michelle shaking her head with a smile. Obama broke her down in the 4th quarter though, when the couple leaned in for a crowd-pleasing kiss. Maybe the campaign ran some numbers? Or maybe Michelle just likes to keep the romance alive by making the Commander-in-Chief work for his sugar. Either way, it was a confidence-boosting night for the U.S. men’s team, with a 80-69 win against Brazil.