Gun Sales Up in Colo.

    DENVER - SEPTEMBER 13:  A Colt AR-15, now legal with a bayonet mount, flash suppressor, collapsible stock and a high capacity magazine that holds more than 30 rounds, sits on the counter of Dave's Guns September 13, 2004 in Denver, Colorado. Between 1994 and September 13, 2004 these guns could only be sold to law enforcement and military but now it is legal for civilians to purchase them due to the expiration of the Brady Bill.  (Photo by Thomas Cooper/Getty Images)

    Thomas Cooper / Getty Images

    Gun sales have increased in Colorado since the shooting in Aurora that left 12 dead and 58 wounded, with people seeking background checks increasing 41 percent after Friday’s shooting. “It’s been insane,” said Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo Jake Meyers. Meyers said he saw 15 to 20 people waiting outside his store on Friday morning after the shooting, and he said Monday was the “probably the busiest Monday all year.” Between Friday and Sunday, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations approved 2,887 people’s background checks—a 43 percent increase over the previous Friday through Sunday and a 39 percent jump since the first weekend in July. Similar surges in gun sales were reported after the 2011 shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that left six dead and 13 wounded—including former U.S. representative Gabrielle Giffords—and the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech that left 32 people dead and 17 wounded.

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