Report: Feds Probe Adelson’s Casino

    FILE - In this June 7, 2011 file photo, Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO  Sheldon Adelson waves in Hong Kong. Sure, there's always handwringing about money in politics. This time really is different _ the first presidential race since the courts pulled out the stops, freeing billionaires and businesses to write multimillion-dollar checks for their pet candidates. It's the Year of Big Money.  (AP Photo/Vincent Yu, File)

    Vincent Yu / AP Photo

    The Los Angeles U.S. attorney's office is investigating whether the Las Vegas Sands Corp., the multibillion business controlled by political high roller Sheldon Adelson, and some of its executives are involved in money-laundering activities. Though Adelson himself is not said to be a subject of the probe, the company is reportedly under scrutiny for its relationship with a Mexican businessman who was later indicted in the U.S. for drug trafficking and a California businessman who was convicted of taking kickbacks. Adelson has given millions to Republican candidates this election cycle. His family all but bankrolled Newt Gingrich's failed campaign. Adelson has said he's prepared to spend millions to remove President Obama from the White House and has already pledge large sums to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

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