3 U.S. Troops Killed

    Members of the 1st Platoon Comanche Company of the US Army stand at a checkpoint in the Combat Outpost Lakon in Buwri Tana District, Khost Province on August 9, 2012.   Some 130,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan are preparing to withdraw in 2014 and are training and working alongside Afghan soldiers as they take increasing responsibility for the anti-insurgency campaign.   AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS        (Photo credit should read Jose CABEZAS/AFP/GettyImages)

    Jose Cabezas, AFP / Getty Images

    The Sangin district of Helmand province, one of Afghanistan's most deadly, has claimed the lives of three more American servicemen. An Afghan police commander and his men invited three special forces members to dinner, saying they planned to discuss security. "During dinner, the police commander and his colleagues shot them and then fled," a senior Afghan official told Reuters. Three were killed. "It looks like he had drawn up a plan to kill them previously," he added. Shootings like these have grown distressingly common, and have alienated U.S. troops from their potential local allies. Since January, 28 people have been killed in similar attacks.

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