Akin: Ryan Asked Me to Drop Out

    Image #: 19103805    In this August 2012 U.S. Representative Todd Akin (R-Mo.) speaks to reporters after addressing the Missouri Farm Bureau in Jefferson City, Missouri. Anger continues to grow over Akin's comments - that pregnancy from "legitimate rape" is rare. (Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)      St. Louis Post-Dispatch/ MCT /LANDOV

    Christian Gooden, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / MCT / Landov

    This is a whole new world of going rogue. Embattled Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin said on Wednesday that Paul Ryan personally called and told him to him step aside. Ryan and Akin have cosponsored legislation regarding abortion together, but Akin said he is “standing on principle,” although he did say he would “honor” Ryan and Mitt Romney’s wishes that he not appear at the convention. GOP sources said that Akin apparently ignored calls from GOP officials who wanted him to drop out of the race as the clock wound down toward the 5 p.m. CT deadline.

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