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    Merkel Vows to Support Greece

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives a press conference with Greece's prime minister on August 24, 2012 at the Chancellery in Berlin. Samaras said that his debt-wracked country was not asking for more cash to solve its problems, but required more "breathing space" to carry out cuts and reforms. Antonis Samaras kicked off a two-day trip to Berlin and then Paris with Greece's future in the 17-nation bloc again in the balance as its cash reserves dry up and a new injection of European funds hangs by a thread.      AFP PHOTO / DAVID GANNON        (Photo credit should read DAVID GANNON/AFP/GettyImages)

    David Gannon, AFP / Getty Images

    It's nice to see countries getting along. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged on Friday to support the new Greek government, which now has a former economist at its head. This move is seen as a knock to others in her party who see booting Greece from the euro zone as the quickest way out of the economic crisis. Merkel claims she is confident that Greece will keep its promises of reform, stating that she believes the new leadership "will do what it takes to solve the problem in Greece."

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